offers complete swim-set fully shar3i , in harmony with Islamic rules of modesty for women wearing the hijab.
Our desire is born of personal experience. Indeed, we have also experienced difficulties to swim while wearing clothes long enough and wide. “Burkinis” generally available on the market are either too short or too tight, in short not enough “shar3i”, compelling us to wear our traditional clothes. However, the latter takes an aeon to dry, and if, in addition, you are on the beach, the sand will constantly stick …

Today, all that is finished, insha’Allah, with our Islamic swim-set !!

More long, wide and opaque than usual “burkinis” these outfits still allow to move easily and thus to swim easily. Moreover, it is light to wear.

The material consists of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, so it is exactly the same material as  “classic” swimsuits. As a consequence, the swim-set will dry very quickly.

Solid or bicolor models, abaya or jilbab, there will be something for everyone biidhniLlah.

Sizes currently range from S to 3XL (although refer to the size chart in the “Additional Information” product tab), but we also offer custom service to make your own size, so do not hesitate to contact us if needed.

Looking forward to having you as our satisfied customers insha’Allah …